Banding of esophageal varices

Patients with liver cirrhosis and some other liver-related diseases have increased pressure of the portal vein (Portal vein brings the blood towards the liver). Due to increased pressure in the portal vein, the veins is the food-pipe(esophagus) and stomach gets dilated, these dilated veins are known as esophageal and gastric varices respectively.

As time passes, gradually with advancement of liver disease there is an increase in the size of esophageal varices. These varices carry a very high risk of bleeding due to rupture. Sometimes bleeding is in small quantity but sometimes it is massive enough to be called as life threatening bleeding.

This bleeding manifest as blood present in vomitus or tarry black coloured stools (known as Malena).

By using a rubber band made from latex, these dilated veins can be ligated during an endoscopic procedure. Bleeding risk is significantly reduced by these procedures and grave emergencies like large amount of bleeding can be avoided.

Patient with cirrhosis of liver should always undergo endoscopy at the time of diagnosis. Periodic Endoscopy for Checking of esophageal varices and banding (if needed) may be needed at every 1 to 3 years duration, depending on endoscopic findings and patients clinical status, as per standard guidelines.

Usually, a Band ligation of esophageal varices is performed as a day care procedure.

Patient has to stay empty stomach for 6 hours before Upper GI endoscopy.

The procedure is done under local and/or general anaesthesia depending upon the patient’s condition. We at ALFA GASTRO AND LIVER CARE routinely perform the procedure under general anesthesia.

Usually, Band ligation is a painless procedure and is completed in 10 to 15 minutes.

  • If you are allergic to any drug inform your doctor.
  • Stay empty stomach 6 hour prior to the scheduled procedure. Do not receive food, water, tea or coffee 6 hours prior to the procedure.
  • Don’t carry your wallet, jewellery, mobile phones or any other valuables to the endoscopy room.
  • As the procedure is planned under anesthesia, bring a relative with you who can drive you back to the home. Driving by yourself can be dangerous.
  • If you are diabetic inform your doctor about your drug dosage and schedule, as it might be necessary to change or skip a dose with regard to your fasting status.

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