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Alfa Gastro Services

We are the best unit in Gastroenterology with very well trained and experienced doctors, Highly experienced and skilled staff members and state of art Endoscopic equipments.

Services we provide are as follow

First and foremost thing in medical science is “ Accurate diagnosis, scientific treatment complete patient satisfaction”. We devote a lot of time for detailed patient history and follow traditional academic pattern of thorough clinical examination.

Detailed listening to complete symptoms of patients not only helps to reach towards diagnosis of clinical condition, also builds an rapport between patients and doctor and patient gets confidence in doctor. Patients who are not satisfied with routine medical treatment elsewhere, cases which are complicated and those with very long standing chronic history are given special attention. Old reports and records are read and analysed with due sincerity.

Some cases which are really complicated are solved by multidisciplinary approach and are also discussed on related medical forum. These exercises leads us to very high diagnostic sensitivity and specificity. Art of history taking and clinical examination and their logical analysis has made us best unit in Gastroenterology and Hepatology in Ahmedabad.

Endoscopy is a procedure in which an instrument( endoscope) is introduced into the body to give a view of internal organs like food pipe, stomach, small and large intestine. Endoscope is a thin, slender and elongated tube with a video camera attached on top of it. This gives us actual images of internal organs, allows us to capture images and videos, also if needed a small tissue sample can be taken for biopsy.

Endoscopy is our passion and we perform each and every Endoscopy with great interest. Dr  Vatsal Mehta has experience of more than 5000 endoscopies so far and is also aggressive therapeutic endoscopist. We keep our Endoscopy unit well equipped with cutting edge technology instruments.

Patients with long standing acidity, pain in tummy, vomiting, dyspepsia (indigestion) and liver disease may require Endoscopy for further diagnosis and treatment. Endoscopy is visualisation of internal organs like food pipe, stomach and small intestine. A flexible, thin endoscope is used for this procedure. Patient has to stay empty stomach for 4-6 hours before UGI scopy. The procedure is done under local and/or general anaesthesia depending upon the patient’s condition. Usually UGI Scopy is a painless procedure and  is completed in 5 to 10 minutes. If some therapeutic intervention is planned then time may increase.

Online or on phone appointment can be booked for UGI Scopy at our centre.

Patients with long standing diarrhoea, blood in stools, weight loss, unexplained pain in abdomen, distention of abdomen and constipation may require colonoscopy for further diagnosis and treatment. In this procedure we are able to visualise large intestine and last part of small intestine ( terminal ileum ) is also seen if needed. For this procedure patient is prescribed laxative preparation usually containing polyethylene glycol. This preparation helps the patient to pass multiple liquid stools and internal lining of intestine becomes clean. After 4-6 hours of fasting procedure is done under propofol anaesthesia. Typically the procedure takes 15-20 minutes for complete examination. If needed biopsy samples can be taken for accurate diagnosis. Patients with suspected infection in intestine, Inflammatory bowel disease, TB of intestine are diagnosed by means of Colonoscopy.

Multiple therapeutic interventions can be planned by means of Endoscopy.

Dilatation: Dilatation of narrowed segment of elementary tract is possible by endoscopy which not only solves the problem also avoids large complicated surgery. Procedures are usually done as day care procedures which are safe and cost effective as well.

Banding: Dilated veins is food pipe are known as esophageal varices. These varices often bleed if not taken care of properly. By using a rubber band, these veins can be ligated. Bleeding risk is significantly reduced by these procedures and grave emergencies like vomiting of blood can be avoided. Patient with cirrhosis of liver should always undergo periodic Endoscopy for Checking of esophageal varices and banding (if needed) as per standard guidelines.

Treatment of active bleeding: Patents with active internal bleeding are critically ill and they need an excellent  team of gastroenterologist, anaesthesiologist, efficient staff members and armoury of instruments which facilitates precise execution of action in Endoscopy suite.

Various ways for controlling active bleeding includes:

  • Injection of glue or sclerosant into actively bleeding varices
  • Injection of adrenaline at ulcer site
  • Application of bands
  • Application of metal clips over the bleeding vessels
  • Coagulating the bleeding vessel with thermal energy (cauterization)
  • Deployment of a stent in extreme cases of bleeding

Stent placement: Patients with esophageal cancer or stomach cancer sometimes have obstruction of digestive pathway. One of the options for these patients is placement of stent across the tumour which mechanically creates a space for passage of food. Multiple stents are available. We place esophageal stents and antral stents as a standard of care with high accuracy.

Foreign body removal: We often see cases where small kids gulp objects like coins, pins, needles, magnets or button batteries. Removal of these foreign bodies is done at our centre with great accuracy and meticulous care. Adults sometimes have problems when big hard food bolus is stuck in food pipe, often a piece of meat or bone is responsible for such situations. We remove such foreign body at our centre with great care. Our success rate is such cases is 100%, which makes us best Gastroenterology unit in Ahmedabad.

Multiple therapeutic options for intestinal diseases are available.

  • Dilatation of narrowed segment of intestine can be performed by a balloon.
  • A stent can be placed across the colonic tumour.
  • In case of bleeding from colonic ulcer multiple therapeutic options are available for stopping bleeding ( as described in upper GI endoscopy)
  • Bleeding from piles can be tackled by injecting sclerosant into the piles.

Polyps are benign tumours which often have potential to become a cancer. Such polyps can be removed colon by Endoscopy which helps to prevent a major surgery for such patients

Patients with obstruction of  Common Bile Duct or Pancreatic Duct due to stone, mass or swelling of surrounding structure ( inflammation) commonly have jaundice and abdominal pain. For relief of this obstruction ERCP is a procedure in which we perform therapeutic interventions by using a “ Side-view Endoscope”. Removal of stones, relief from biliary infection and obstruction can be achieved and a stent in CBD and/or PD can be placed in same procedure. This procedure avoids difficult and complicated surgery and helps patient to achieve good health with minimal morbidity. Dr Vatsal Mehta, is well experienced vin ERCP. He is visiting consultant in Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad, which is largest hospital in Asia so far. Doctor is called especially for this procedure and several complicated cases are completed over there by him. Similarly we perform ERCP at our centre

Inflammatory bowel disease is a spectrum of bowel disorders in which there is swelling ( inflammation) of intestinal mucosa without any known reasons. Ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s  disease are two different inflammatory bowel disease which requires multidisciplinary approach for diagnosis and treatment. Doctor is well experienced with both the conditions and has has expertise in managing this diseases and associated complicated cases. We plan to run IBD clinic at our centre where a Gastroenterologist, Gastro surgeon, dietitian and a stoma care nurse are available under the same roof at same time, all best in their respective fields, and combine decision can be taken after detailed discussion of patients problem and complete counselling of patient. Concept of IBD clinic is still new in Ahmedabad,  we believe that marching ahead with this approach will change the social and medical aspect of these diseases.

Liver cirrhosis is a chronic disease of the liver marked by degeneration of cells, inflammation, and fibrous thickening of tissue due to conditions like viral infections,  alcohol overuse and  obesity. There is permanent damage to liver tissue and this leads to increased stiffness of liver. Patients with liver cirrhosis face several complication like jaundice, vomiting of blood due to dilated veins in food pipe, decreased consciousness, collection of fluid in tummy and kidney injury in later stage. Prevention of the disease and preventing it’s progression to later stage is key to successful management. We give special attention to patients with liver cirrhosis. Patients are given full medical care, dietary advice and social support for the same.

Those who are alcohol dependent are given special support for alcohol abstinence and specialist in de-addiction are called if needed to maintain alcohol abstinence. Patients with Hepatitis B and C are given laboratory support and antiviral therapy at minimal rates (50 to 60% of the commercial price) so that they can get medicines without any economical constraints. Obese patients and those with fatty liver disease are given special dietary advices and are affiliated to weight reduction programmes if they need further assistance.

Regular Endoscopic check ups can pick up dilated veins early and they can be treated with banding and glue therapy.  Fluid collection is treated with dietary advice and medicines. Our dedication and commitment to the management of liver disease makes us best Hepatology unit in Ahmedabad.

Many patients have swelling of pancreas which is known as acute pancreatitis. These patients require meticulous care and hospitalization most of the times. Similarly patents with chronic pancreatitis require medicines, Endoscopic therapy and sometimes surgery. We manage many patients with pancreatic diseases successfully.

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