ERCP-Endoscopic retrograde Cholangio-Pancreatography

What is an ERCP?

Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) is a diagnostic procedure that examines the Duodenum, pancreatic ducts, papilla of Vater, common Bile Ducts, and gallbladder.

The ERCP is a combination of two tests: a GI Endoscopy and an X-ray. An Endoscopist can inspect the inside of the stomach and duodenum during an ERCP procedure & acquire good views on radiographs, and inject contrast into the ducts. ERCP is a type of endoscopy that is used to treat a variety of biliary and pancreatic illnesses.

ERCP Dr. Vatsal Mehta in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, can remove foreign bodies, treat Bile Duct stones, and treat benign and malignant biliary stent strictures that cause obstructive jaundice.

ERCP procedure

A long, stretchy viewing tool roughly the length of a pen is used to execute the surgery. The Duodenoscope can be aimed and rotated around the belly and duodenum’s various bends. The current Duodenoscope uses a small fiber-optic bunch to deliver light to the endoscope’s end, as well as a thin cable with a chip at the endoscope’s tip to transfer digital video images to a television screen. The Duodenoscope is placed into the mouth, down the food pipe, and into the back of the throat. Then into the duodenum. A short plastic catheter (cannula) is inserted via an open channel of the endoscope into the aperture of the papilla and the Bile Ducts and/or the pancreatic duct if the papilla of Vater has been detected. The pancreatic duct and bile ducts are then X-rayed after contrast material is administered. Other devices can be inserted through another open channel in the endoscope, such as plastic, biopsies, or metal stents or tubing to ease blockage of the pancreatic duct or bile ducts produced by cancer or scarring and electrocautery incisions.

Dr. Vatsal Mehta provides Precautions to take before an ERCP

  1. Talk with Dr. Vatsal Mehta if you are allergic to any medication.
  2. Keep an empty stomach 6 hours before the surgery is set to take place. Food, drink, tea, or coffee should not be consumed for 6 hours before the treatment.
  3. Bring no valuables to the endoscopy room, including your purse, jewels, cell phone, and other items.
  4. Bring a family who can take you home if the treatment is to be done under anesthesia. It’s risky to drive by yourself.
  5. If you have diabetes, tell your doctor about your medication dosage and timing, since you may need to adjust or skip a dose depending on your eating status.

ERCP Treatment Indications

  • Pancreas, bile ducts, and gallbladder abnormalities or blockages
  • Obstructive jaundice
  • Chronic Pancreatitis
  • Methods for treating pancreatic tumours caused by bile duct obstruction

The Pain’s Duration

It’s crucial to note that many basic reasons for Abdominal pain don’t stay long. Most people had stomach/gut flu or gas pains, and we remember that the pain usually went away within 24 hours.

Best Doctors for ERCP in Ahmedabad

Dr. Vatsal Mehta specializes in ERCP, Bile Duct Treatment, Biliary Stent, and Foreign Body Removal. Make a consultation with Dr. Vatsal Mehta if you have any concerns about your indication or symptoms. If you have been diagnosed with any disease, speak with Dr. Vatsal Mehta about your risk of getting ERCP and what you may do to reduce your risk. Discuss with him about an ERCP procedure. Please book an appointment with Dr. Vatsal Mehta call +91 75675 41444, a patient can get in touch with us. We pledge to deliver the best assistance feasible to you.

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