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Colonoscopy is a visualization of internal organs like an anal canal, rectum, large intestine and terminal part of the small intestine by virtue of a flexible endoscope known as Colonoscope.

A flexible, thin endoscope is used for this procedure, which has a light and a viewing instrument that sends images to monitor. A thin endoscope is introduced into the digestive tract by anal route.

The doctor carefully examines the video produced during the procedure to understand the pathology within the lower GI tract.

Patients with long standing diarrhea, blood in stools, weight loss, unexplained pain in abdomen, distention of abdomen and constipation may require Colonoscopy for further diagnosis and treatment.

The endoscope allows a doctor to examine the inside of the small and large intestines for bleeding, tumors, polyps, diseases, and other abnormal conditions.  A tissue sample or biopsy can be taken with the endoscope.

Colonoscopy is done with diagnostic as well as therapeutic purpose in some of the following conditions:

  • Patients with a history of blood in stools.
  • Patients with suspected obstruction in the digestive tract where the narrowed portion can be dilated with the help of a balloon or a stent placement.

Usually, a diagnostic Colonoscopy is done as a day care procedure.

For this procedure patient is prescribed laxative preparation usually containing polyethylene-glycol. This preparation helps the patient to pass multiple liquid stools, hence internal lining of intestine becomes clean.

Once the laxative liquid is taken, patient is advised to stay fasting for 4-6 hours.

The procedure is done under local and/or general anesthesia depending upon the patient’s condition. We at ALFA GASTRO AND LIVER CARE routinely perform the procedure under general anesthesia.

Typically the procedure takes 15-20 minutes for a complete examination.

If needed biopsy samples can be taken for an accurate diagnosis. Patients with suspected infection in intestine, Inflammatory bowel disease, TB of intestine are diagnosed by means of Colonoscopy.

In this procedure we are able to visualize large intestine and last part of small intestine ( terminal ileum ) is also seen if needed.

  • If you are allergic to any drug inform your doctor.
  • Take your preparation for Colonoscopy exactly as advised by your doctor. If you have not passed watery stools inform your doctor about the same.
  • Stay empty stomach 6 hour prior to the scheduled procedure. Do not receive food, water, tea or coffee 6 hours prior to the procedure.
  • Don’t carry your wallet, jewellery, mobile phones or any other valuables to the endoscopy room.
  • If procedure is planned under anesthesia, bring a relative with you who can drive you back to the home. Driving by yourself can be dangerous.
  • If you are diabetic inform your doctor about your drug dosage and schedule, as it might be necessary to change or skip a dose with regard to your fasting status.

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