Hepatitis B

Hepatitis b is a virus which causes infection in liver cells.

Result of Hepatitis B virus infection depends up to age of the patient and immune status of patient.

Although in many cases it may go without symptoms, its consequences range from transient liver damage, severe liver injury, chronic-long standing liver injury, cirrhosis of liver and liver cancer.

When Hepatitis B is transmitted from infected mother to their off-springs it is known as vertical transmission.

Apart from that, it can be transmitted by infected syringes, unprotected sexual relations and infected blood products.

Most of the patients detected positive on pre-employment screening don’t harbour any symptoms. Many of them are inactive carriers.

You should meet your gastroenterologist doctor for further guidance. Doctor will ask for a few further test and ultrasound of liver to decide the further management.

Yes. Hepatitis b can be successfully treated by oral antiviral therapy when indicated. This treatment is very effective in reducing the viral load in the body and preventing the dreaded consequences of the infection.

No. Treatment is dependent on the clinical status of patient, condition of liver (cirrhosis/ no cirrhosis), liver function test and viral load.

On basis of this information obtained by battery of investigation, doctor will decide weather you need treatment or not.

First of all, all of your spouse and other first degree relatives should be screened for Hepatitis B. If the test is negative for them, then vaccination for Hepatitis B should be given.

You should avoid unprotected sex with your spouse till vaccination is complete and effective. Effectiveness is checked by a blood test at the end of vaccination schedule.

There is no evidence that any of the following activities lead to the transmission of hepatitis B:

  • Kissing or hugging.
  • Sneezing or coughing.
  • Casual contact or other contacts that do not involve blood.
  • Sharing food, water, eating utensils, or drinking glasses.
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